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"I love beautifying" Glen Hubbard

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Glen creates Metal sculptures and also enjoys using driftwood and found items to create Art. The Driftwood Sculptures are made as Art for their beauty and not as a functional item. As soon as a piece of driftwood is used to create something that has a useable function, it ceases to be pure art and the beauty is often lost to the function. For example a beautiful wooden chair will be appreciated more for its function than purely the beauty of the wood. Driftwood is often beautiful wood which is unseen, Glen sands and seals areas to reveal its  beauty in contrast to the original dry driftwood as it was found it on the beach. He choose areas of the wood  to sand, often just one side to encourage you to see the wood for its beauty alone without any function except the 'function' of its beauty. Most of the pieces are mounted with a swivel function to encourage the viewer to turn them 360 degrees and appreciate them from all sides!



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